KU Graduate
Course Registration

Course Registration


(1) Credits: 1credit is equivalent to 1-hour class per week for 16 weeks.
     (Except the mid-term and final examination period)
(2) Course Registration Period: Aug. 26 (Wed.) ~ Aug. 28 (Fri.), 2015
(3) Course Registration (Add/Drop/Change) Period: Sep. 7 (Mon.)~ Sep. 8 (Tue.),
(4) Beginning of Semester: Sep. 1 (Tue.), 2015
(5) Credit Requirements

* Credit Requirements for the completion of each program are 24 credits or more for
   the master's degree, 36 credits or more for the Ph.D program, and 54 credits or
   more for integrated master's-doctoral program.
* The average grade should be 3.0 or above for the completion of the program.
* A maximum of 12 credits per semester (15 including prerequisite courses).
* 2 research guidance credits (DKK500) must be registered for each semester.
   (Overall 8 credits during 4 semesters)
* According to the cooperative guidance professor system, students who completed two
   or more semesters of the science & technology cooperative program and students
   the KIST academic/research/industrial program or the Bio-Microsystems/technology
   program taking should register for DKK510 and DKK520.

Steps of Course Registration

(1) Please visit the website, http://sugang.korea.ac.kr/graduate/.
(2) Then, you will find out the screen like below.
Steps of Course Registration
(3) Enter your student number and portal(KUPID) password in the box above.
     The initial password is the last 7 digits number of your temporary resident number.
     If your temporary resident number is "0712118006051", the initial password is
     "8006051". Your temporary resident number was sent in the email of notification of
     admission to the Graduate an School. You may change your password once you log in.

(4) If you want to see courses opened at Korea University Graduate School, click
     '대학원전공과목'(Graduate Courses). You will find a number of departments.
     Choose one of them and click '조회'(Search).

(5) You will see an information table. '학수번호' is the course code.
     '과목명'is the course title. '강의시간/강의실' is the class time/building & room number.
     If you click '학수번호', you will find the course description selected.

(6) To make a course registration, click '수강신청' and enter the course code.

Time Table

Class Hours. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
1 09:00 ~ 10:15          
2 10:30 ~ 11:45          
3 12:00 ~ 12:50          
4 13:00 ~ 13:50          
5 14:00 ~ 15:15          
6 15:30 ~ 16:45          
7 17:00 ~ 17:50