KU Graduate
Quota & Eligibility


Competitive admission allows only a limited number of students to be accepted for each department and program.


Applicants with sufficient Korean proficiency meeting one of the following conditions:
A. An applicant holding foreign citizenship whose parents are foreign (not Korean citizens)
B. An applicant who completed the entire 16-year education from elementary school to
    university in a foreign country (not Korea)

* Entrance requirements and admission procedures for Korean citizens to the Graduate School differ from the ones applicable to non-Korean citizens. Information for Korean citizen applicants, who do not meet the requirements above, is not included in this section. And applicants who are not eligible for foreign application should check the Korean Citizen Application process.

Korean citizen applicants (내국인 지원자) : Korean citizen applicants link

A. Foreign applicants will be selected only through document screening. Please keep in
    mind that all submitted documents will be scrutinized by members of the screening
B. Some departments may conduct an interview.