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Graduate School News

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Korea University makes quantum leap towards world’s top 50 일반대학원 283 2020.06.17
QS World University Rankings by Subject KU among the top 100 in 27 disciplines, and first among private universities in Korea 일반대학원 464 2020.03.19
KU ranked 83rd in the QS World University Ranking 2020 일반대학원 476 2019.06.26
KU ranks No. 1 in the 2020 QS Asia University Rankings among private universities in Asia 일반대학원 558 2020.01.31
Seven of KU faculty members were selected as the most influential researchers in the world in 2019, the most recorded am 일반대학원 516 2020.01.02
Korea University Business School will offer a postgraduate program in Business Analytics (BA) 일반대학원 1133 2019.10.03
Value creation through convergence and specialization 일반대학원 914 2019.08.22
46 Mental health self-assessment system covering issues such as 'Corona Blue' developed 일반대학원 54 2020.06.03
45 Melatonin helps promote implantation in early pregnancy 일반대학원 156 2020.06.03
44 Professor Kang Jae-woo's research team and El Mito (LMITO) Therapeutics have opened a path to shorten the development period of new drugs using AI 일반대학원 280 2020.05.15
43 “Simply print fuel cells with your inkjet printers” 일반대학원 256 2020.05.06
42 Breakthrough discovery of neural circuit mechanism behind neural codes Prof. Jeehyun Kwag’s team discovers inhibitory neural circuit network associated with ne 일반대학원 244 2020.05.06
41 Professor Chang-Soo Han's team develops next-generation stretchable device core technology Expected to be utilized in various fields such as displays, sensors, 일반대학원 346 2020.04.02
40 A team led by Prof. Joon Hyung Shim of Korea University and Prof. Jihwan Ahn of Seoul National University of Science and 일반대학원 316 2020.03.19
39 “Is my fruit ripening well?” Now you can tell scientifically. 일반대학원 722 2020.03.19
38 Development of a biochip that delivers intracellular nanomaterials with high efficiency 일반대학원 257 2020.03.10
37 Development of silicon nanostructure capturing moments of conversation 일반대학원 271 2020.03.09