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Dean's Welcome

It is widely recognized that the true objective of education is to relentlessly produce new knowledge by learning from the past in order to understand the present and to accurately predict the future. The Graduate School of Korea University accedes to this idea of education and aspires to become an educational community that develops intellects with the highest level of expertise.

The knowledge produced and shared by the Graduate School is comprised of theoretical knowledge that broadens the breadth of our understanding of this world and the truths within it, as well as practical knowledge that directly transforms our reality into something much better.

Students at the Graduate School of Korea University engaged in both intellectual pursuits and social contributions are supported by the best possible environment and resources, whether they be in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, or medicine.

The school offers educational and research programs both as separate individual disciplines and as integrated programs combining multiple disciplines, while also investing resources into cooperative education and research programs designed in consultation with private sector industries and other external organizations.

In addition to its excellent programs, the Graduate School of Korea University also features world class faculty members, an intelligent and able-minded student body, state of the art facilities, and a most pleasant campus.

The reputation of our graduates’ leadership in the areas of academia, law, politics, business, culture, and specific industries is renowned in both domestic and international circles, as is our capacity for academic research and educational environment.

You can be assured that the Graduate School of Korea University is well aware of its responsibility to help its students respond to the ever-increasing demands for producing higher level knowledge, while staying true to our school motto of searching for truth, achieving justice, and spreading liberty--Libertas, Justitia, Veritas.

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the exciting reality and aspirations of the Graduate School of Korea University.

Dean of the Graduate School

Gilsung Park