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2020 Fall Semester Admission Additional Notice
for Submission Period of Required Documents who graduated in Chinese University

1. Recently it’s not possible to be published the required documents such as Graduate Certificate or Transcript from the institution or University which is located in China due to Corona Virus 19.


2. Considering this special situation and emergency, exclusively Applicants(Domestic and International both), who graduated in Chinese University (located in China), you can submit the non validated documents. Also, we permit the online version of your documents which can be issued by Internet from Institution or University exceptionally.


* It’s only for the Chinese University Records

* Mandatory Documents : Nationality Proof, Transcript, Graduation Certificate, Recommendation letter


* Submission Period :

Submission Period
  Submission of original Extension of Documents Submission
Foreign March 9(Mon)~27(Fri), 2020 by August 31(Tue), 2020
Domestic April 1(Wed)~10(Fri), 2020 by August 31(Tue), 2020


* Attention! If you can’t submit the above of documents even if Copy of documents or Non-validation, you are not possible apply for 2020 Fall Semester


3. If successful applicant do not submit the Original documents and certificate by August 31(Tue.), 2020 and the documents arrived by due date, you will be finally denied for Korea University Admission. Also if the previous documents which be sent is not the same with original, your acceptance will be canceled.


4. This policy is only for 2020 Fall Semester Application.





1. 由于COVID-19的影响,中国的行政及教育机关均已关闭,无法正常签发证件。


2. 为此,本院考虑目前的特殊情况, 若申请人毕业于中国所在大学, 在申请研究生院时允许提交过期的材料, 同时允许提交通过所属学校网络系统打印的证明资料。


* 只限中国所在大学




  - 外国人 申请 : 提交材料期间(2020年3月9日 – 3月27日) -> 提交材料延长期间(2020年8月31日 为止)

  - 韩国人 申请 : 提交材料期间(2020年4月1日 – 4月10日) -> 提交材料延长期间(2020年8月31日 为止)


* 注意 :申请人若没有提交过期材料或复印件,不能申请研究生院。

3. 申请人提交相关材料,获得大学院入学资格后,需要在2020年8月31日之前将原件补交送至大学院行政室。




4. 上述延长提交材料期间相关内容,仅限于2020年秋季招生实施。