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This course consists of two major domains - Study of Applied Linguistics and Study of Culture Contents. The former is to study the subjects of languages from the standpoint of applied linguistics. The subjects include the following topics such as language and mass media, comparative linguistics, linguistic theories and bilingualism, translation studies, language and philosophy, language policies, etc. The research of the illustrated fields will be conducted on the basis of the languages such as Korean, Chinese, English and German.
The latter is to establish the modernized and the practicable academic framework of cultural studies. In order to fulfill the essential aim of this field we must get out of the bounds of the traditional and theory-oriented methodology of humanities. Also, we need to grope for the way of combining theories and actual conditions. We, also, can train the professionals of corroborating theories of culture contents and the experts of planning, development, production and marketing. The ultimate goal of this course is to study the humanistic resources (culture and art) and to elevate them to the level of culture contents.

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Faculty List
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