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  • Fostering Intellects:       The Graduate School of Korea University
  • Fostering Intellects:       The Graduate School of Korea University
  • Fostering Intellects:       The Graduate School of Korea University

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2020.12.03 Dormitory(ANAM Global House) for KU Graduate School Students Registration
Dormitory(ANAM Global House) for Graduate School Students Registration ▶ Target : Graduate School Students Freshmen and Enrolled students ▶ Place : "Anam Global House" Dormitory ▶ Period to apply : December 7 ~ December 22, 2020 ▶ Results of Assignment : December 28, 2020 ▶ Payment Period : December 29, 2020 ~ January 15. 2021 ▶ Staying Period : (6 months) February 18, 2021 ~ August 12, 2021 (4 months) February 18, 2021 ~ June 17, 2021 ▶ https://reslife.korea.ac.kr:5008/v1/src/main/page.php?code=grad_procedure Please click this above url to apply for Dormitory. For more information, please check the attachment.
2020.11.23 Notices on Foreign Student Scholarship Application (2021 Spring semester)
Notices on Foreign Student Scholarship Application (2021 Spring semester) 1. Eligibility: International student who entered on/after 2017 Fall semester (GKS scholars and dual degree students are not eligible.) 2. Application 1) Period: 1st Dec(Tue) ~ 30th Dec(Wed), 2020 2) How to Apply: Visit KUPID (http://portal.korea.ac.kr) → Login → Registraion/Scholarship → Scholarship → Register the Scholarship 3) Required Documents (Merge to one file and upload) ① Application Form (must be signed by both an applicant and the advisor professor) ② Statement of ability for an applicant (included in the application form) (※ Language proficiency test result NOT required ) 3. Result Announcement: In Feb, 2020, KUPID Portal 4. Requirements Scholarship Benefits Requirements GPA* (2020 Spring) Global Leader Scholarship - 100% of Tuition Fee - Dormitory Fee(during the semester) About Dormitory Fee : Student should pay to the dormitory him/herself with the scholarship 4.0 / 4.5 or above Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship - 60% of Tuition Fee 3.5 / 4.5 or above Natural Sciences and Engineering Scholarship - 65% of Tuition Fee * If GPA for 2020 spring semester doesn’t meet the requirements, the application for the scholarship will be cancelled. (GPA will be announced in Jan, 2021.) 5. Notes 1) Students who entered before 2017 Fall semester are not applicable for this scholarship. 2) Students apply for the scholarship every semester. (Scholarships are selected each semester.) 3) Scholarship could be changed or rejected according to the overall evaluation(ex. GPA etc) by each department and graduate school.
2020.11.18 KU Town Hall Meeting for International Students
2020.10.30 2020 Capacity Building Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation Application
Please take a note for "2020 Capacity Building Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation" which will be held from December 8 to 9, 2020 for the Graduate Student from developing countries sponsored by Ministry of Environment. Attachment you confirmed and please apply for that if you're interested in. -Graduate School
2020.08.21 Higher Education for ASEAN Talents (HEAT) Scholarship
"Higher Education for ASEAN Talents (HEAT): Guideline for ASEAN Faculty Members Enrolled in Graduate Programs" * Target : Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Singapore (10 Countries) * Track : PhD * Major : Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering * Award Benefits -Scholarship Period ◦ 3 years of Doctoral programs - Benefits ◦ Roundtrip travel (one time only): Round-trip economy class ticket. ◦ Monthly Allowance: 1,100 USD per month. ◦ Relocation (Settlement) Allowance (one time only): 300 USD upon arrival ◦ Tuitions: All admission fees are waived by the host institution. ◦ Dissertation Printing Costs: 400~600 USD, depending on the actual costs. ◦ Language Training Fee and Medical Insurance: the amount coverage or benefits will vary depending on each university. ◦ Others: various incidental allowance depend on universities * Eligibility -KCUE requirements ◦ Applicants who have a citizenship of an ASEAN country, and is a professor working at a university in his/her home country. ◦ Applicants who are lecturing at a 4-year college/university * level of HEI: bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. ◦ Applicants who have a highest educational attainment is a master’s degree or its equivalent. ◦ Applicants who are in good health both physically and mentally to allow then to pursue their study while residing in Korea for the long term. ◦ Applicants who have discussed about their study leave with the university they originally belong to, as well as about how to contribute to their school after their return. ◦ Applicants who is younger than 45 years old as of the day that the doctoral course starts (i.e. September 1, 2020). ◦ Applicants who have sufficient level of proficiency in Korean language or English. -University requirements ◦ Applicants who meet the university’s additional requirements * How to apply : through Korea University Graduate School International Admission (http://graduate2.korea.ac.kr/gradeng/admission/guide.do) - Spring / Fall semester during online application period (http://graduate2.korea.ac.kr/gradeng/admission/schedule.do * Procedure to Complete Submission 。 Submit the following documents through the university submission portal: http://graduate2.korea.ac.kr - Admission application form - Recommendation letter from professors from previous institution - Certificate of Master’s degree and official transcript - Study plan /resume/ curriculum vitae - Certificate of an applicant and his/her parents’ nationality and certificate of family relation - A photocopy of your passport - Certificate of authorized medical Exam (issued within 1year) - The original official score of TOEFL iBT 80(or above), IELTS 5.5(or above), TEPS 550(or above) or TOPIK level 3(or above) ※ All required forms are downloadable from the website (http://graduate2.korea.ac.kr/gradeng/admission/guide.do) ※ Only original documents are acceptable 。 Submit additional documents(HEAT Form File) below via email: aseanace@korea.ac.kr - Permission for study abroad - Applicant agreement - Personal medical assessment ※ Additional documents are downloadable from attachments. * Please see the below presentation from Professor Heo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbklsjmU2d4&feature=youtu.be
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