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  • Fostering Intellects:       The Graduate School of Korea University
  • Fostering Intellects:       The Graduate School of Korea University
  • Fostering Intellects:       The Graduate School of Korea University

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2016.12.19 2016 KU Graduate Student Achievement Award [Applications Accepted]
Applications are being accepted for the prestigious KU Graduate School Achievement Awards! The Awards are given to graduate students who demonstrate excellence in academic or social achievements, and is meant to be encouragement towards even higher aspirations in academia. It is also a representation of the epitome of Korea University’s graduate students’ abilities as presented to society at large. 1. Award Content Certificate and prize 2. Award Date Mid-February, 2017 3. Eligibility for Award Graduate students who have authored either a research paper that has been published in a major academic journal or a research publication that has great academic influence between January 1 and December 31 of 2016. Graduate students who have been awarded prizes at esteemed domestic or international competitions related to his/her area of study. Graduate students judged to have created important social capital in the areas of entrepreneurship, invention, or patent. Graduate students who have shown high achievement in leadership or other areas related to his/her area of study. Current students who have finished their course work can also apply (students who plan to receive their degrees in February, 2017, are eligible for application). 4. Application documents Recommendation letter by Academic Advisor or Head of Department (1 copy) Application by graduate student (1 copy) Other materials as necessary 5. Application process Necessary application forms (see attached forms) must be filled out and submitted with other necessary materials by email to graduate2@korea.ac.kr. For more information, contact 02-3290-1355. The deadline for application is Monday, January 2, 2017.
2016.12.19 "Writing Lab" open to improve Korean writing skills
Writing Lab Korea University Graduate School Part of the mandatory learning process at The Graduate School at Korea University is acquiring the skills to be able to discuss academic topics and write papers in the Korean language. The latter could especially be a daunting task for international students to whom Korean writing is relatively new. The Writing Lab is designed to offer assistance to the students’ writing of course papers, publications, theses, or dissertations, and can be accessed through the following means. In addition to academic writing, the writing lab can also assist students with personal statements, resumes, and cover letters written in the Korean language. However, please note that while our tutors can provide critiques, models, resources, and general comments on students’ writings, they will be less inclined to proofread or copy-edit the writings, in order that the student will properly develop Korean writing abilities in the long term. Making an appointment We encourage all users of the Writing Lab to make an appointment by sending an email to writinglab@korea.ac.kr, stating the following: - Your name and contact information, - Area of study and topic of writing, - Current writing needs (grammar, composition, style, etc.), - Preferred time for a session (within office hours only), and - Other relevant information that may help your tutor better prepared to assist you. Once you receive a reply from one of our tutors, your appointment is confirmed. Location for tutoring Room 110 of The Graduate School building on the Anam Campus is the recommended location for the tutoring. The room will be open from 10 am to 1 pm on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. * The duration of a standard tutoring session is set as 1 hour, but can be extended, pending the availability of the tutor and if no other students are in waiting.
2016.08.08 KU Graduate Student Achievement Award Ceremony
On February 29, the Graduate Student Achievement Award Ceremony was held in the Medial Hall lounge to encourage graduate students for their excellence. Thirty-two out of 100 applicants received awards for their high academic achievements. Jaeho Yeom (KU President), Gilsung Park (Dean of the Graduate School) and Soo-Woo Kim (Executive Vice President for Research) along with KU professors and 70 graduate students attended the event. In his opening remarks, President Yeom said, “KU showed outstanding performance in the QS University Rankings last year, and I hope to see many excellent graduate students being appointed to KU professor positions to increase and strengthen KU’s global competitiveness in the future.” Ge-Lyong Cho (School of Materials Science and Engineering), an awardee, said, “In order to receive favorable evaluations, getting assistance and feedback is important. Therefore, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my supervisor and fellow researchers for the guidance and support they have given me along the way.”
2016.08.08 Spring 2016 International Student (Freshman) Orientation
On February 22 beginning at 2 p.m., KU will be hosting the Spring 2016 International Student (Freshman) Orientation delivered in Chinese and English.
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