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Global Foundation

 "Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Foundation"


* Target : Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos (8 Countries)


* Track :  Master, PhD, Integrated Master-PhD


* Major : Future New Industrial Area, Natural Sciences or Engineering(Information, Intelligence, Technology, Bio Health, Energy related),

               Korean Language, Korean Studies, Economics, Business etc.


* Goal   : To foster Korean-ASEAN Countries cooperative developing talented students in the future


* How to apply : through Korea University Graduate School International Admission 



                            - Please contact your applicable department in advance when you apply for this based on the above majors



                            - Spring / Fall semester during online application period




* Coverage : Tuition fee(100%), Living expenses(about USD 900 /1month), Arrival support(about USD 2,200 - only 1 time payment)


                         Scholarships are available for Master(within 4 semesters), PhD(within 8 semesters), Integrated Master-PhD(within 10 semesters)



"Higher Education for ASEAN Talents (HEAT):

             for ASEAN Faculty Members Enrolled in Graduate Programs"


Target : Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Singapore (10 Countries)


Track :  PhD


* Major : Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering 


Award Benefits


  -Scholarship Period

       ◦ 3 years of Doctoral programs

  - Benefits

       ◦ Roundtrip travel (one time only): Round-trip economy class ticket.

       ◦ Monthly Allowance: 1,100 USD per month.

       ◦ Relocation (Settlement) Allowance (one time only): 300 USD upon arrival

       ◦ Tuitions: All admission fees are waived by the host institution.

       ◦ Dissertation Printing Costs: 400~600 USD, depending on the actual costs.

       ◦ Language Training Fee and Medical Insurance: the amount coverage or benefits will vary depending on each university.

       ◦ Others: various incidental allowance depend on universities




  -KCUE requirements

      ◦ Applicants who have a citizenship of an ASEAN country, and is a professor working at a university in his/her home country.

      ◦ Applicants who are lecturing at a 4-year college/university * level of HEI: bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

      ◦ Applicants who have a highest educational attainment is a master’s degree or its equivalent.

      ◦ Applicants who are in good health both physically and mentally to allow then to pursue their study while residing

         in Korea for the long term.

      ◦ Applicants who have discussed about their study leave with the university they originally belong to, as well as about

          how to contribute to their school after their return.

      ◦ Applicants who is younger than 45 years old as of the day that the doctoral course starts.

      ◦ Applicants who have sufficient level of proficiency in Korean language or English.


  -University requirements

      ◦ Applicants who meet the university’s additional requirements


* How to apply : 1) submit application form via E-mail(aseanace@korea.ac.kr)

                             2) submit all application documents(including application form) to Graduate School Office


- Admission application form

- Recommendation letter from professors from previous institution
- Certificate of Master’s degree and official transcript
- Study  plan /resume/ curriculum vitae
- Certificate of an applicant and his/her parents’ nationality and certificate of family  relation - A  photocopy of your  passport
-  The  original  official  score  of  TOEFL  iBT  80(or  above),  IELTS  5.5(or  above),  TEPS  550(or  above) or TOPIK level 3(or above)
- Information release form
※  All required  forms are downloadable from the website
※  Only  original documents are acceptable
We have another Foundation Scholarship for Asian Students in Korea University like below.
PONY Chung / POSCO TJ Park Foundation opportunities are open to the applicant.