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Graduate School News

No Title Writer Views Date
KU ranked first among Korean universities in 2021 QS Asia University Rankings 일반대학원 2554 2020.12.09
Korea University makes quantum leap towards world’s top 50 일반대학원 2102 2020.06.17
QS World University Rankings by Subject KU among the top 100 in 27 disciplines, and first among private universities in Korea 일반대학원 2176 2020.03.19
Value creation through convergence and specialization 일반대학원 2889 2019.08.22
73 ‘Stretching and Shrinking’, the commercialization of patient-specific customized treatments is approaching 일반대학원 32 2021.02.03
72 Protein corona is investigated for use in an Alzheimer's treatme... 일반대학원 125 2021.02.02
71 Prof. Seong Tae-yeon elected Editor of IEEE Electron Device Lett... 일반대학원 119 2021.02.01
70 Why do we get a heart attack from being angry? – Question solved 일반대학원 112 2021.01.27
69 Work of Prof. Lee Jin-han selected by China’s Historical Researc... 일반대학원 112 2021.01.06
68 Prof. Kim Yun-jae, Kang Young-jong, Lee Jee-won, and Kim Dong-hw... 일반대학원 87 2021.01.06
67 Prof. Lee Seong-whan and his team’s paper published in Science R... 일반대학원 93 2020.12.19
66 Prof. Choi Lynn’s team obtains NET certification for an indoor p... 일반대학원 79 2020.12.18
65 Professor Choi Jung-kyu’s Group Develops the World’s First Swiss Cheese-like Zeolite Membrane. Hierarchical Structure with Mesopores Published in the online edi 일반대학원 766 2020.12.02
64 Development of Microfluidic Chip for Genomic Editing and Manipul... 일반대학원 680 2020.11.12