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Graduate School News

No Title Writer Views Date
KU ranked first among Korean universities in 2021 QS Asia University Rankings 일반대학원 2555 2020.12.09
Korea University makes quantum leap towards world’s top 50 일반대학원 2102 2020.06.17
QS World University Rankings by Subject KU among the top 100 in 27 disciplines, and first among private universities in Korea 일반대학원 2176 2020.03.19
Value creation through convergence and specialization 일반대학원 2889 2019.08.22
33 Professor Jaewoo Kang’s Group awarded best performance prize at 2019 AI-Based Drug Development DREAM Challenge. 일반대학원 658 2019.12.02
32 The Development of High-Performance Cold Cathode X-ray Tube Technology 일반대학원 678 2019.11.22
31 Korea University Business School will offer a postgraduate program in Business Analytics (BA) 일반대학원 1693 2019.10.03
30 Generating energy using human body temperature and motions Professor Won-joon Choi’s research team has developed a next 일반대학원 913 2019.09.20
29 Prof. Jaewoo Kang’s research team develops AI-based recommendation of food pairings 일반대학원 1048 2019.08.28
28 The research team of Professor Seung-woo Lee become the first to confirm magnetic plasmon resonance in the visible light 일반대학원 1118 2019.07.16
27 KU ranked 83rd in the QS World University Ranking 2020 일반대학원 988 2019.06.26
26 A team led by Prof. Dae Sung Yoon has developed a glucose sensor 일반대학원 1337 2019.06.11
25 A Korea University joint research team has developed a highly sensitive optical biosensor 일반대학원 1463 2019.05.16
24 Professor Gunuk Wang’s group develops a brain-mimic electronic device for low-power accelerated learning inspired by Dop 일반대학원 1619 2019.03.06