1. Admission Schedule
Period of application : Feb. 5, 2021 ~ Mar. 12, 2021
(All the hard copy of documents should be arrived no later than March 12, 2021 by DHL, FEDEX or EMS.)
Acceptance Announcement : June, 2021 by NIIED

2. Eligibility Requirements
  Please see "2021 GKS-G Application Guidelines" from NIIED. (see attachment)
* GKS awardees cannot bring their family including spouse during the Korean language course before the degree program.
* TOPIK level 4 is mandatory for graduation of Graduate program in Korea University.
* Apostille or consul verified (stamped) degree certificate should be additionally and directly submitted to Korea University after your admission decision before your beginning of Graduate program in Korea University. You should get your diploma(or degree certificate) until Aug. 2021.
 * Only for one time, you can reapply to GKS(B.A⇒M.A, M.A⇒Doctral) with GPA 90% over and TOPIK level 5.


3. Field of Study
 We will select up to 25 candidates from all the quota-assigned countries and recommend them to NIIED. We can recommend up to 4 candidates from a single country.
Not all candidates can get the scholarship. The NIIED will determine the final candidates.
Please see the "List of departments" for the applicable major.(see attachment)
Student can apply for a single major of one department.
We have 2 campuses reflecting department and majors. Sejong campus is located in Sejong city and it takes more than 2 hours from Seoul by car.



4. Required document
  Please see "2021 GKS-G Application Guideline" from NIIED and application form.
(see attachment)
※ All required documents should be submitted by the due date (March 12, 2021). Please submit them by DHL , FEDEX or EMS.
5. Contact (Postal address)
    GKS program, Administration Team(Admission)
    Room 126B, Graduate School bldg.
    Graduate School of Korea University
    145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 02841, Korea
Phone : +82-2-3290-1358, Fax : +82-2-925-2633
E-mail : graduate1@korea.ac.kr    Website : http://graduate2.korea.ac.kr
*Application for GSIS (Graduate School of International Studies) is only available by recommendation of Korean Embassy.Please check detail information of GKS to KOREA embassy located in your country.
* Only applicable majors in each department are in list. If not in the list, you can't apply.
6. Total Quota by two categories (Whole Universities)



2020 GKS

2021 GKS

Quota for Korean Embassy



Quota increase
Quota for designated University



Quota increase

 Success rate of admission of Korea University is as follows in 2020 GKS;


 University TrackEmbassy TrackTotal




Selected from University




Final Selection









7. Korean Language Institution : NIIED has designated allocated language institutions for the Korean language course. The main language institution placement principle is different area from Korea University in order to provide a chance of exploring variable Korean cultures and Korean language learning with professional environments for scholars. Korean Language institute will be arranged by NIIED. It might not located in Seoul. GKS awardees should pass TOPIK level 3 during the Korean Language course before degree program. And, GKS awardees must stay in dormitory during the Korean Language course.
8. If applicants miss the deadline of university recommendation, there is another opportunity to get recommendation by Korean Embassy for GKS. Please contact Korean Embassy in your home country in person. But, Chinese should contact CSC instead of Korean Embassy. Applicants for GKS need to choose either recommendation by university or recommendation by Korean Embassy.