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Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. The University dormitory is one option and also quite affordable, but availability is limited.


CJ International House


Anam Hall 2



Residence Hall Rates &Payment

Students must pay all the necessary residence hall rates (KRW) upfront.

Residence Hall Occupancy Semester
(4 Months)
Vacation period
(approx. 2 months)

CJ International House
 All with Bathroom







Anam Global House
 All with Bathroom







Anam Hall 2
 Communal Bathroom





NOTE: For more detailed information on deadline of the payment, please check the website for Accommodations at http://reslife.korea.ac.kr.


Other fees are:

Items Fees
Refund scheme

Security Deposit


Refundable within eight weeks after the end of the term

Linen Rental, including Blanket, Bed Sheet &Pillow


Optional Non-refundable Linen must be returned upon checking out



Dining Services

Meal Plan at Anam Hall

Residents may purchase a meal-plan for breakfast and dinner. The meal plan is purchased on a per semester basis at about KRW 400,000, and is valid at the Anam Residence Student Dining Hall located between Anam Hall 1 and Anam Hall 2. For more information, contact the Accommodations office at reslife@korea.ac.kr.


Meal Plan at CJ International House

Residents may purchase a meal coupon, which is valid for breakfast at the CJ International House Cafeteria (KRW 45,000/10 coupons). Coupons can be purchased at the cafeteria on the 1st floor of CJ International House during the opening hours (7:30am - 9:30am Monday through Saturday).


* Dormitory Information for Foreign Students

1) Website:http://reslife.korea.ac.kr
2) E-mail:reslife@korea.ac.kr
3) Phone: +82-2-3290-1554


CJ International House

New dormitory building is currently under construction. The building will be completed around February, 2010.


The newly built International House, bringing students together in a shared neighborhood within the campus community, stands at the center of the KU experience. It offers a comfortable and supportive atmosphere full of extra resources such as computer lab, fitness center, lounge, piano rooms, seminar rooms and library.



Each resident is fully furnished with a desk, a wardrobe, blanket, pillow, mini-book shelves and phones (intercom) installed for all calls made within campus and all incoming calls (both international and domestic), and other furniture installed for students convenience. Each suite is air-conditioned and equipped with wireless internet service.


IH Dining and Snack corner

In the kitchen located on each floor of the I-House, one can relax and enjoy meals. , You can also cook light Korean traditional snacks such as noodle soup, woo-dong, Ramen... etc.


Dormitory features also include:

1) Lobby Desk/Information Center
2) Laundry facilities
3) Public Phones which you can make toll calls on the ground floor
4) Vending machines for drinks and snacks
5) Full-time professional staff assistance. Supervisors help ensure an environment of peace and mutual respect; However, ultimate management of each dorm is left to the student residents; Students have considerable autonomy in deciding how their dorms are managed and in organizing sports festivals and other social events.


The University dormitory system consists of five 5-story buildings; two for male students, one for female students, one for students preparing to take state public administration examinations, and one for foreign students and scholars. All five dorms are located about 10 minutes walking distance from the Main Campus. There is also a central building housing the cafeteria, student lounge, study rooms and conference rooms.


Nestled halfway up wooded hills, the dormitory provide a scenic view of nearby Kaeun Temple, a traditional Korean Buddhist temple, but are also within a quick walk of urban sections of the city adjacent to the campus. The hills behind the dormitories feature hiking trails and several scenic points. The new Green Campus, which adjoins the dormitory area, has tennis courts, a basketball court, a jogging area and plenty of open space for a picnic and contemplation.