2021 Human Rights and Gender Equality Education on Blackboard

1. Duration and Subjects of the course

 - Duration: from 11:00 22nd MARCH 2021 to 17:30 31th DECEMBER 2021

 ★'[Step3] Confirmation Course Completion' should be done till the end of the period above

       to be registered on KU Portal as completing this course

  - Subjects: Undergraduate students, general graduate school students, Law school students ,

                    professors, and other instructors

2. How to register the course

 -  Sign in Blackboard (https://kulms.korea.ac.kr) with your KU Portal ID /PW →  Click 'Institution Page' 

   → Click  2021법정의무 및 교내 권장교육 (학생/  교직원) '2021 법정의무 및 교내 권장 교육 -00분반 

    클릭 자가등록 '코스' →  Human Rights and Gender Equality Education

 - Detailed guidance: please find the attached below 

3. Course procedures

  [Step1] watch all 7 video clips

  [Step2] take a quiz and get a full score of 70

  [Step3] click 'Confirmation Course Completion' and log in KU Portal 

 ★You will not be shown as completing this course on university system 

   when you do not proceed till [Step3].


4. How to check your course completion on KU Portal (available on Portal in Korean language)

   Students : KU Portal → 수업  교육이수현황조회

5 Inquiry

 - Inquiries regrading content and certificates :  humanrights@korea.ac.kr

 - System related inquiries : elearning@korea.ac.kr

The Center for Human Rights & Gender Equity