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Medical Sciences > Department of Biomedical Sciences (Department of Biomedical Sciences)

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Medical Science aims to protect humans from diseases, and support well-being of human life. To accomplish this goal, medical science broadly covers basic and applied researches to understand mysteries of pathogenesis and to find novel ways for preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic methods. Especially, biomedical science is typical fusion-science, composed of many disciplines in biology, pharmacology, physics, chemistry, engineering , and social sciences. The importance of medical science is increasing with social demands. Accordingly needs for experts are expanding, and specialized training system is becoming necessary fortraining world leaders of Biomedical fields.
The mission of the Department of Biomedical Sciences in Korea University Graduate Program is to raise future leaders of biomedical researches through providing students state-of-art knowledges of biomedical science and supporting their independent research activities.

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Faculty List
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