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The Department of French Language and Literature aims at training specialists in the fields of linguistics and/or literary studies capable of bringing up creative visions on present and future cultural-intellectual phenomena by researching French language and literature with a spirit of free investigation proper to Western human sciences. In addition to this general goal, the department carries another specific goal: training not only searchers in specific theoretical fields but also experts in various areas such as art and literary criticism, professional translators, or even professionals in charge in cultural industries, capable of participating to the development of international exchanges and of the Korean culture. To achieve these goals, on one hand, courses on the main literary trends and genres from the Middle Age till now, as well as comprehensive courses on important areas and theories of French linguistics are available. On the other hand, educational programs are run to smoothen the connections between and beyond academic disciplines, with 'translation studies' devoted to the cultural and intellectual exchange between France and Korea.

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Faculty List
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