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The Department of Archaeology and Art History undertakes research in which both are closely correlated. Established as the cultural heritage research course, out department is extended to set a separate faculty with the aim of more advanced researches in each field from the spring term of 2009.
Korea faces the increasing demand for professionals in the fields of archaeology and art history which follows economic development same as in the other developed foreign countries. In particular, a high demand for researchers from the increasing rescue excavations due to the national land development has been continued over the last decade as well as the increased number of curatorship in museums being constantly established. Therefore, job prospects for graduates are very good.
Archaeology and Art History are clearly distinguished in terms of the specified research subjects, methodologies, and theoretical approaches, although the human material remains is the primary research subject. Archaeology’s aim is to reconstruct past human behavior and cultures through the study of excavated material objects, and also to identify the causes of cultural changes and its processes. On the other hand, Art History’s aim is to understand the changes of art and their historic contexts across time and space through the study of objects of art.
This graduate program is designed to train and educate students with the basic knowledge about archaeology and art history gained from the undergraduate course, into professional researchers in the subjects of their choice. By way of a multidisciplinary education and practical, it is expected to promote competent researchers eligible to carry out both academic projects and practical tasks at various institutes and organizations associated with cultural properties.

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