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During the 20th century, the fields of economics and statistics converged to share many common features. Statistics, a study that calculates and analyzes a variety of data, made great progress in both theory and application due to the emergence of information technology and significantly influenced other fields that use statistics.

Economics, a field that uses the most statistical techniques among the social sciences, developed a close relationship with statistics. Statistics, such as stock prices and interest rates, are released each hour in real time, and economic factors such as households, businesses and government sensitively respond to changes in these variables. Analyzing various statistics became common, and accurate and correct analysis became crucial in economics. Accordingly, emphasizing statistical ability for graduate students also became important.

Therefore, the economics-statistics collaboration program at the KU Graduate School aims to foster practical professionals who can understand and utilize a variety of statistical techniques in economic analyses. These professionals are also required for statistical planning and analysis in statistical agencies. This program pursues field-oriented education that meets real world requirements.

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