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The graduate Program is designed to prepare professionals to be in chare of studying in academic research for sport science and sport business studies. In addition, it is to prepare professional directors in the area of sport science and sport business to promote the quality of the professionals and specialty by providing them with quality education.

Furthermore, it aims to acively cope with the rapid change of society. The department of sport and leisure studies offers two graduate-level programs including a master and doctoral program consisting of two concentrations offered in sport science studies and sport business studies.

Faculty List

Faculty List
Name Academic Fields E-mail
Kim, Chang-Kook Sports biomechanics kimck@korea.ac.kr
Lee, Gi-Cheon Sports coach theory kclee@korea.ac.kr
Kim, Cha-Yong Sports management cykim@korea.ac.kr
Kim, Myeong-Gi Sports physiology kmk1905@korea.ac.kr
Bae, Sang-Woo Sports management sbae@korea.ac.kr
Kim, Sang-Ho Sports physiology ksh1905@korea.ac.kr
Ryu, Seong-Ok Spots media atchdog88@korea.ac.kr
Sin Mal-Soon Sprots medicine malsoon@korea.ac.kr
Han, Nam-Hee Sprots Business joyforce@korea.ac.kr
Lim, Seungyup Sports Sociology slim3@korea.ac.kr