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Collaboration Program > Program in Comparative Literature and Comparative Culture (Program in Comparative Literature and Comparative Culture)

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As literary studies in the University are limited to their own specialized areas, a study program to comprehend interrelated neighboring literatures is needed. The course of the Department of Comparative Literature and Culture aims to comprehend and collaborate Korean literature and foreign literatures, or to investigate the essence of literature through exchange and cooperation among foreign literatures. This course, furthermore, aims to establish Korean Literature in the world.
Compared to the vigorous overseas studies between literature and other disciplinary areas as well as the general literary studies, the comparative study in Korea is importantly stayed behind. However, it is now fortunate to open a course of Comparative Literature and Culture for the profound development of literature.
Comparative literature not only investigates difference, sameness, or influences of a simplified comparison between literary works, but it also covers comprehensive comparative study of literature with movies, painting, music, dance, etc.

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Faculty List
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