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1. Introduction to program
The Interdisciplinary program in Cultural Heritage Studies consists of Museology and Ethology. It is a program not only to study the historical background and the process of origination of cultural heritage but also to research scientific theory related to its conservation, significance and succession in various aspects. At the same time, this program is designed to equip students with empirical knowledge and practical experiences such as how to deal with folk heritage and materials and from which point of view to understand in every genre including cultural properties in fields relevant to folklore and in museums.
The program makes it possible to master a comprehensive approach to general cultural heritage such as cultural properties and folklore not restricted to a certain sector or a specific study; and to search for various methodologies and multilateral point of view on its study. Furthermore, it educates students to create new viewpoints on cultural heritage through the systematic, professional, holistic approaches in every cultural heritage site.
This program will play a pivotal role in cultivating creative leaders for the 21st century-culture which requires our own national value distinguishing from other nations.
2. Academic goals
The program offers holistic and interdisciplinary curriculum covering Ethnography and Museology related to cultural heritage. The aim of the program is to educate leaders with expertise on their specialty as well as other requisite subjects. Furthermore, it aims to incubate professional scholars capable of dealing with cultural heritage as a whole and experts with practical and comprehensive capability learnt in relevant institutes to culture and cultural properties including museums and galleries.

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