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Engineering > Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering)

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To generate professionals and scholars who can actively respond to contemporary trends of construction industry such as globalization, technological advancement, and high added values, acquire world-class research competitiveness to develop cutting-edge technologies through multi-disciplinary approaches, and eventually play a leading role in creating future value of the Earth which can serve as a new initiative toward further advanced societies.

1. To produce professional engineers with technological leadership by educating students the most recent and high level knowledge of each major field of Civil Engineering, by making them conduct various research and practical projects, and by guiding them to actively participate in professional societies and technological committees.

2. To cultivate productive and creative human resources for research and development by training them to have capability of understanding and capturing the trend of current research, developing new research methodologies, analyzing the outcome of the research, and writing and presenting the research results effectively. 

3. To cultivate international professionals who can associate with the world by helping them to conduct the international collaborative works with foreign engineers and researchers, and by giving them chances to participate in the international academic and professional conferences.

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Faculty List
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