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Natural Sciences > Department of Health and Safety Convergence Science (Department of Health and Safety Convergence Science)

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Recently, the interest on the health, medical system, and environment and the demand for the expert for the public safety and relief has been increased. The primary objective of our department is to develop human resources who can prevent the disease in advance and investigate the factors related with human diseases and environment for the public health. There are three majors in the course; Quantum radiation energy science, Clinical laboratory science, and Environmental health and safety.

Quantum radiation energy science major mainly educates who studied radiological science, nuclear engineering, and physics in undergraduate school. In this major, students learn high technology in radiation and energy fields to be specialists such as researchers in national laboratories, public officials in government, or professors in the universities.

Clinical laboratory science major is suitable for who studied clinical pathology, chemistry, and biology in undergraduate school. This major educates high-tech biological knowledge for the diagnostic and clinical science. After graduation, people work in hospitals, biological and pharmaceutical institutes as scientists or professors in the university.

Environmental health and safety major focuses on heath and environmental science, environmental engineering, and industrial safety and educates students more on the relationships between environment and public health to be public officials in environment field, health, safety, and environmental managers in major company, or professors in the university.

The unique feature of our department is the only graduated school fostering experts in environmental radiation field and environmental health and safety field.

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