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The academic objective of our graduate program lies in the education of core leaders who are capable of actively solving the problems based upon basic and applicable knowledges related with Materials Science & Engineering, creatively seeking the methodologies for problem posing and solving, and leading in academic and industrial fields related with advanced materials.

1. Education of leaders with basic and applicable knowledge
 1)Acquirement of basic knowledge and application capability / Development of understanding in closely related academic fields
 2) Development of capability in educating basic and applicable knowledges in Materials Science & Engineering.
2. Education of materials engineers with capability of actively and creatively performing projects and researches.
 1) Development of capability in managing and completing research projects
 2) Development of capability in performing research projects alone (M.S.)
 3)Development of creative research capability in posing and solving important scientific and engineering problems (Ph.D.)
3. Education of leading managers (CEO's) in materials-related industries
 1)Development of written and oral communication skills, teamwork, and leaderships
 2)Understanding of the importance of materials-related industries and the technology variation / Development of capability for coping with the technology variation
 3) Development of social responsibility and moral recognition as a leader

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Faculty List
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