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The Division of Culture Creativity aims to produce experts who have overall knowledge to develop culture in a creative way. The division is to play a substantive role in producing top-class writers through traditional writing activities such as poems, novels, plays, and criticisms; experts who create content and lead the media industry like planning movies, organizing broadcastings, developing games. It also takes on an important role in making the digital culture settle down in the 21st century.

In order to produce creative writers and content experts, we enhance mutual exchange of information from other disciplines, and invite working poets, writers, and critics to hold a variety of writing workshops and seminars. Students are educated in a practical way by participating in internships and field trips to media industries. It is in line with our advocacy to fulfill students’ interests and demand. Since our division entirely supports student activities, they can improve their abilities and have lots of experience in the fields of their own interest.

Career paths after graduation are very diverse. By making their debut as a writer, graduates can work as poets, novelists, playwriters, and critics, and become leaders in the field of the press, broadcastings, advertisements, publishing companies. In addition, they can expand their cultural potential by working as a planner or writer in a variety of media fields like films, games, and webtoons.

What aptitudes are appropriate to enter the devision? - Students who enjoy reading a book, watching a video, and then like to think and express the content by speaking, writing, and videos are appropriate to this major.

What are the characteristics of this devision? - Our division aims to strengthen the ability to integrate cultural content with digital technology, and the ability to understand culture and education about creative writing in a comprehensive way on the basis of liberal humanities.

What will we study in this division? - Our division organizes pure writing and applied subjects in a systemic way in order to provide various subjects, so that students can efficiently select subjects to study, and gain positive effects.

Are their extra-curricular activities? - There are small groups specializing in poems, movies, plays, criticisms, advertisements; and various cultural events organized by students. Thus, students can have lots of opportunities to develop their major competence through these extra-curricular activities.

What are the career paths after graduation? - If students have a lot of interest in pure writing, they can work as a poet, a novelist, a playwright, a critic. They can deepen their knowledge about their major, studying at graduate school. If students want to get a job, they can go into the field of the press, broadcastings, advertisements, and publishing companies. Some can work as a planner or writer in the field of films, games, and webtoons.

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Faculty List
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