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Teaching Fellowships

The Graduate School has been operating the “tutorial system” since the beginning of 2016 to bolster “debating” techniques at the university level.



This system, widely employed by prominent universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, aims to augment the limitations of large lectures while also providing graduate students with teaching and student guidance techniques, especially for those who would go on to become professors.


During the first term of 2016, no less than 14 classes were offered under the tutorial system, with the details of the system as below.


1. Implementation


• The tutorial system will begin with selected undergraduate classes as being taught by full-time professors.

• Teaching Fellows (TF) will be assigned to tutorials. 

• The number of tutorials per term for each class will be six. 

• Qualification and assignment of TF


      - A single TF scholarship will amount to 500,000 won per term (3 credits, based upon a total of 6 times). 

      - One TF will be assigned 20 students.

      - Current master’s or doctoral candidates (multiple applications to different classes are allowed).


2. Request to submit report on TF education and activities


• All TF must complete short-term training at the Center for Teaching and Learning prior to TF activity.

• Each tutorial result must be recorded via Blackboard and checked by the supervising professor. 

• Scholarship applications will only be possible after the report on TF education and activities is submitted.