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On-campus Research Institutes


Korea University has the following research institutes operating under its supervision and with graduate student participation. 



Advanced Power Systems Research Center


Asian Institute of Corporate Governance


Asian Pacific Influenza Institute


Asiatic Research Institute


Behavioral Science Research Center


Brain and Motivation Research Institute


Center for Advanced Photonic Materials


Center for Applied Cultural Science


Center for Curriculum and Instruction Studies


Center for English Language Education


Center for Human Ecology Research


Center for Korean Communicative Competence


Center for Korean History


Center for Korean Literature and Language Education


Center for Korean Studies


Center for Mineral Resources Research


Center for Social Cohesion Education


Chinese Studies Institute


CIST(Center for Information Security Technologies)


Creative Informatics & Computing Institute


Danwon Nationwide Disaster Medicine Institute


Electrical and Electronic Engineering Research Institute


Functional Food Research Center


Future Network Center


Gastrointestinal Medical Instrument Research Institute


Geriatric Health Clinic and Research Institute


German Studies Institute 


GIS-RS Center for Environmental Resources


Global Research Institute


Gynecologic Cancer Research Institute


Healthcare Readiness Institute for Unified Korea


Higher Education Policy Research Institute


Ilmin International Relations Institute


Implant Research Center


Institute for Archaeology and Environment 


Institute for BioMaterials


Institute for Business Research & Education


Institute for Clinical Dental Research


Institute for Converging Technology


Institute for East-Asia Cultural Exchange


Institute for Economics and Statistics 


Institute for Evidence-based Medicine


Institute for Future Growth


Institute for Hallyu Convergence Research


Institute for High Technology Materials and Devices


Institute for International Development Cooperation


Institute for Medical Device Clinical Trial


Institute for National BioDefense Research


Institute for Occupational & Environmental Health 


Institute for Science and Technology Studies


Institute for Study of History


Institute for Sustainable Development


Institute for the Bioactive Molecules


Institute for the Study of Translation and Rhetoric


Institute for Translation Studies in the Humanities


Institute for Trauma Research


Institute for Viral Diseases


Institute of Advanced Machinery Design Technology


Institute of Animal Molecular Biotechnology


Institute of Biomedical Science and Food Safety


Institute of Brain and Cognitive Engineering 


Institute of Chinese Characters & Korean Literature in Classical Chinese All rig


Institute of Convergence Chemical Engineering Systems


Institute of Convergence IT


Institute of Economic Research


Institute of Emerging Infectious Diseases


Institute of Environment & Ecology


Institute of Future Land of Korea


Institute of Global Health Technology


Institute of Governmental Studies


Institute of Green Manufacturing Technology


Institute of Hispanic Studies


Institute of Human Behavior & Genetics


Institute of Human Genetics


Institute of Human Genomic study, Korea University


Institute of In Vitro Diagnostics Technology for Travellers Disease


Institute of Legal Medicine


Institute of Life Science and Natural Resources


Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology


Institute of Nanotechnology


Institute of Natural Sciences


Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Translational Research


Institute of Philosophical Studies, Korea University


Institute of Regeneration of Korean Art Property


Institute of Russian and CIS Studies


Institute of Scoliosis


Institute of Social Research


Institute of Statistics


Institute of Underground Space Technology


Inter-University Research Institute for Energy Technology


Korea Artificial Organ Center


Korea Nutrition Research Institute


Korea University Allergy lmmunology Institute


Korea University Cancer Institute


Korea University Cardiovascular Research Institute


Korea University Center for Good Doctor


Korea University Global Institute for Japanese Studies


Korea University Research Institute of Mental health 


Korea University Stem Cell Institude


Korea University, Institute of Educational Research


Korea Unversity Rare diseases institute


Korean Entomological Institute


KU Mind Health Institute


Labor Education and Research Institute


Legal Research Institute 


Medical Law Institute


Metabolic Syndrome Research Center


Neuroscience Research Institute 


Next-generation Game Research Center


Nursing Research Institute


Ojeong Institute for Eco-Environment


Peace & Democracy Institute


Practical Anatomy Research Institute


Public Policy Research Institute


Research Center for Disaster Prevention Science and Technology


Research Center for Regenerative Medicine


Research Center for Wine Production and Culture


Research Institute for Advanced Industrial Technology


Research Institute for Environmental Technology & Sustainable Development


Research Institute for Inflammation


Research Institute for Information & Culture


Research Institute for Information and Communication Technology


Research Institute for Language & Information


Research Institute for Natural Sciences


Research Institute for Skin Image


Research Institute for Supertall and Superlong Structure Technology


Research Institute of Computer Information and communication


Research Institute of Engineering and Technology


Research Institute of Health Sciences, Korea University


Research Institute of Korean Studies


Sejong Institute of Management


Semiconductor Research Institute


The Institute of Basic Science 


The Institute of British and American Studies


Translational Research Institute for Incurable Diseases


Wisdom Science Center