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Visa Issuance

Mid January ~ February (for spring semester)

Mid July ~ August (for fall semester)


A. Status for Sojourn : D-2 (Student)

B. Visa Application Place : Local Korean Embassy of Consulate

C. Application for Certificate for Recognition of Visa Issuance : District or branch immigration office

D. Application and Required Documents : Certificate of Admission will be issued to admitted students.


If necessary, the chief of a Korean Embassy of Consulate abroad and the chief of a district or branch immigration office may ask an applicant to submit additional documents in addition to the required documents listed above.



What is a Visa?


Visa is a kind of endorsement or acknowledgement, whose specific meaning differs from country to country. Generally speaking, however it is used to mean either of the following permission to enter a given country, or the consul's recommendation for a foreigner's entry request. In the case of Republic of Korea, the latter definition is used. Therefore, even if one were to have a Korean visa, one can still be denied entry to Korean territory should an immigration officer find some requirement unsatisfactory after inspection.



D-2 (Students) Visa ?


This visa category is designed for students who wish to pursue academic research or study at junior colleges or higher educational institutions or educational/scientific research organizations.

Website of Korean Immigration Bureau(Sejongno Branch): http://hikorea.go.kr

For more recent needed informations, please confirm the Notice for 「the Immigration and Visa Guideline Book」 at our website (http://graduate2.korea.ac.kr/gradeng/community/notice.do?mode=view&articleNo=112621&article.offset=0&articleLimit=10&totalNoticeYn=N&totalBoardNo=). 


Application for Visa Issuance

A. Status for Sojourn: D-2 (Student visa)


B. Location for Visa Application: Korean Embassy or Consulate


C. Application and Required Documents

- Application for Visa Issuance

- Copy of passport

- Color photo (3.5cm X 4.5cm)

- Certificate of Admission (Issued by Korea University)

- Certification of latest academic record (certificate of degree)

- Financial certificate (either bank certificate showing that the applicant has/will have more than USD 13,000 in the bank account for more than one month, counting backward from the day of application or certificate of money order/exchange minimum of USD 13,000 should be submitted)

- Other document for each category of visa may be required additionally

- Application fee(single entry visa:USD 50, multiple-entry visa:USD 80)

     Certificate of Admission will be issued by the end of January (for Spring semester)/July (for Fall semester).

Change status of stay : General training (D-4) to Student Visa (D-2)

  Required Documents

- Passport

- Alien Registration Card

- Application form for change of status

- Certificate of admission

- Certificate of final academic background

- Household register (limited to Chinese)

- Certificate of registration (if applicables)

* However, when the stay period expires before issuing certificate of registration, the document may be substituted with school entrance approval and school fees payment receipt.

- Document certifying domestic stay expenses or reference

- Fees (tax stamp KRW100,000)

Participation in activities uncertified for current sojourn status

Other status + Student Visa (D-2)


Application Eligibility

Foreigners that intend to study or research in minor college or higher level educational/academic research institute while maintaining current status

Those who apply to the following may engage in said activities without having to obtain separate permission: Spouse of a Korean national with residency (F-2) status, seeking involvement in activities associated with study abroad (D-2) status in college of higher educational institution.


 Required Documents

(Items subject to change depending on individual circumstances.)

- Passport

- Alien Registration Card

- Application form for permission for engage in unauthorized activities

- Certificate of admission

- A letter of consent from former workplace (if applicable)

- Fees (KRW120,000 revenue stamp)

Extension of Stay (D-2)

(1) Application Eligibility

Foreigner visiting for study or research activity in higer level of educational/academic institution.


(2) Required Documents

- Passport and alien registration card

- Application forms for the extension of stay

- Certificate of registration

- Transcript

- Proof of Residence (eg. receipt of dormitory charge, copy of contract to lease a residence. etc.)

- Receipt of the tuition fees

- In the event that the regular academic period is exceeded, proof of such fact (confirmation from for faculty advisor on a student's thesis schedule)

- Fees (tax stamp KRW60,000)

Approval of stay to foreigners preparing thesis after completion of regular academic program

(1) Application Eligibility

A foreigner who has to unavoidably continue staying for preparation of thesis for not less than 2 years (1 year is case for master's course) due to no pass of thesis review within the designated stay period despite in proper efforts with maximum 2-year extension permit (1 year is case of master's course) for preparation of thesis etc.

* Approves stay period within the range of six months each time.


(2) Required Documents

- Passport and foreign registration card

- Application forms for the extension of stay

- Proof of residence (eg. receipt of dormitory charge, copy of contract to lease a residence. etc.) 

- Confirmation form for faculty advisor on a student's thesis schedule

* Recommendation showing details of thesis teaching process, future review schedule, and reason for recommendation 

- In the case of government invited scholarship students, certificate of government invited foreign scholarship student issued by NIIED

- Fees (tax stamp KRW60,000)

Alien Registration (D-2)

Foreigners intending to stay in Korea for more than 90 days after entry


(1) Required Documents

- Passport

- Application form for alien registration

- 1 color photo (3cmX4cm)

- Processing Fee : KRW30,000(Government Revenue Stamp)

- Certificate of studentship


If you have any further question about the visa, please contact the following staff member of the Center for International Students &Scholars at Korea University.

Contact Person (+822-3290-5175, leesj5515@korea.ac.kr, Ms. Chloe Sujeong Lee)


Part time employment permission (S-3) of Study Abroad (D2) Status holders

(1) Application Eligibility

Those with Study Abroad (D-2) or Korean language student (D-4-4) status who have been studying at minor college or higher level educational institute.

- who have been studied at least one semester (D-2)
- who are preparing thesis after completion of regular degree (including master’s degree and doctor’s degree)

* Those who have changed their status from Korean language status (D-4-4) or other status to Study Abroad (D-2) status, can add up their period from both statuses to one semester. (one semester : 6 months)

ex) Those who have studied for 3 months with Korean language student (D-4-4) status and have been studied over 3 months with Study Abroad (D-2) status can apply for the permission of part time employment.


(2) Allowed fields

Occupation acknowledged as having close ties with their major.

Occupations commonly accepted by society as being suitable for students

Foreign language instructor at educational facility like private institute

Other fields of simple labor that are not restricted (However, must have qualifications set forth by concerned law of each fields.)


(3) Restricted fields

Act of private tutoring outlined by “operation of academy and private tutoring act”

Working for advanced industry and laboratory, where employment is protect industrial secret.

Act of working in gambling activity, etc and section 1 number 2, etc of the same law.

Act of working as merrymaking receptionist at pleasure bar or merrymaking bar prescribed by section 21 number 2 of food and sanitation act and section 7 and number 8 of the same law.

Act of working at place which is contrary to good morals among moral business prescribed by section 2 moral business regulation act and section 2 of its enforcement ordinance.

Other activities that deviate from student status or deemed necessary to restrict employment by attorney general


(4) Documents required

- Passport

     - Alien Registration Card (ARC)
     - Online reservation receipt from Hikorea (https://www.hikorea.go.kr), and application form
     - Part-time work of foreign student confirmation form (signed by both employer and GSC)
     - Certificate of Enrollment
     - Transcript (min. GPA of 2.0)
     - The proof of Korean language proficiency (TOPIK level 4 or above) OR a letter from affiliated department office proving
       English Track Program
     - Certificate of Business Registration of the workplace
     - Part-time work contract from the employer