Course Enrollment

Course Enrollment
Eligibility Exams for Dissertation
Graduate Dissertation

1. To view course listings and schedules

  • - Graduate school major courses can be viewed without an ID or password
  • To view on KUPID → Courses → Graduate School Major Courses with individual ID

    Creating an E-mail Account and Accessing the KUPID is essential to every KU student to check the latest information

2. Course registration

  • Time period: The designated period is one to two weeks before classes begin. (See Academic Calendar)
Course Registration Notification
  • - Early August (Fall Semeter), early February (Spring Semester)
Course Registration
  • -
  • - KUPID / Course / Check registration status
Course Add/Drop
  • - A final check is performed during the Course Add/Drop period.
  • - The Course Add/Drop period ends one week after the beginning of classes. (The schedule will be released in advance.)
Final check
  • - KUPID, administration offices of the corresponding departments
  • - Adding or dropping courses will no longer be allowed.
  • Registration must be done in person
  • Master's Degree Program: minimum of 24(24) credits, Doctoral Degree Program: minimum of 30(36) credits, Integrated Master-Doctoral Degree Program: minimum of 48(54) credits (※ ( ): students admitted before 2020 Fall
  • Average GPA of 3.0 / 4.5 or higher
  • Students may register for a maximum of 12 credits per semester or a maximum of 15 credits (that include advisor designated course credits)
  • Research Guidance (DKK500) credits must be applied for each semester. (Master's/Doctoral: 8 credits over 4 semesters; Integrated: 16 credits over 8 semesters)
  • Students of interdisciplinary studies in Science and Technology Studies, Biomicrosystem Technology, and KIST will have two academic advisors from the first term onwards and thus must register for both Research Guidance 1 (DKK510) and Research Guidance 2 (DKK520)

3. Processing of grades

  • Duration: within 2 weeks of the end of final exams (Specific dates will be notified.)
  • Since I grades (incomplete grades) will be processed as F grades once the revision period is over, students must consult with their professor within the revision period.

4. Posting and viewing of grades

  • Posting of grades: :
  • Viewing of grades: personal KUPID → Records & Graduation → Access to full grades

5. Academic advisors' designated courses

  • Academic advisors' designated courses are additional but mandatory credits that must be taken in addition to regular courses. They are not part of the credits required for the completion of one's major
  • Newly admitted students must discuss designated courses with their academic advisors before the beginning of classes. (Student transcripts are required for this meeting)
  • From the first day of class till the Course Add/Drop period begins, students must input their designated courses on KUPID (→ Courses & Course Activities → Graduate School Designated Courses), print out the list, receive signatures from their academic advisor and the head of the department, then submit the document to the administration office of the corresponding department
  • If there are no designated courses, students must input All Exempt and submit the document accordingly
  • Once the Final Save and Print buttons have been pushed, no revisions can take place

6. Recognition of Credits

Recognition of Credits
Category Applicability Criteria for Credit Necessary Documents
Recognized as course of combined bachelor/master's program Combined bachelor’s/master’s courses are already taken at KU during bachelor’s program. 6 Application form for recognition of combined course credit
Completion of graduate school course Graduate school courses are already taken at KU during a bachelor’s program. 6 Application form for graduate school prerequisite course credit
Credits earned at professional or specialized graduate schools Professional or specialized graduate school graduate entering master’s program. 9 Application form for credit recognition
Excess course credits acquired in graduate school Excess course credits acquired by newly enrolled doctoral students in the same major of the same program. 6 Application form for excess course credit acknowledgment
Credits earned at other universities Master’s Credits earned in the same program and area of major at other universities.

6 Application form for credit recognition
Doctoral 9
Course credit acknowledgment for newly admitted graduate school students in the same field of study as that of the undergraduate or master’s program Master’s Cases where students, who have completed their coursework or have been removed from the student register and are not eligible for readmission, are newly admitted to the same field of study or the same degree program in a different department 9 Application form for credit recognition
Doctoral 12
Credits for readmission The student readmitted after being dismissed from school due to expulsion or voluntary withdrawal Previously earned credits Application form for credit recognition

* Application Submission Office and Period: Students are to submit their application to the corresponding administration office after receiving confirmation from their academic advisor and head of the department within the specified period.

* For new students, the application must be submitted within 10 days after the semester begins (by March 10 for Spring Semester and September 10 for Fall Semester)

7. Research Ethics Training

  • 1) Recommended training for thesis writing
  • 2) Registration
  • Education possible through online contents at any time after entering graduate school
  • Current students, students on leave, and students who’ve finished course work may all register for training, but it is recommended that students complete the training during their first semester of graduate school
  • On-campus educational content: completion of online lecture (
  • Off-campus educational content: (

8. Human Rights and Gender Equality Education Guide

It is mandatory for all students to enroll and complete the online course via Blackboard( before submitting their dissertation. It is highly recommended that the students take the course upon matriculation

★ Please refer to the 「Freshmen Orientation Guide」 for the further inquires.