Foundation Scholarship

Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Global Scholarship


Select and support future global talents who will contribute to the mutual development of ASEAN and Korea


International students from the eight ASEAN member states (Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos) who are newly enrolled in a postgraduate course (master, doctorial, or master-doctor combined courses) in Korea University


Future New Industrial Area, Natural Sciences or Engineering(Information, Intelligence, Technology, Bio Health, Energy-related), Economy/Business/Management, future science and engineering industries (intelligent information technology, bio-health, and new energy industry), Korean Language, Korean Studies, etc.

Award Benefits

Tuition fee(100%), Living expenses(about USD 900 /1month), Arrival support(about USD 2,200 - only 1 time payment)

How to apply

: Twice a year (December and June) through Korea University Graduate School International Admission
- Please contact your applicable department in advance when you apply for this based on the above majors
- Spring / Fall semester during online application period
- Selection method: Recommendations from each partner university and review by the foundation

Special Note

Scholarships are available for Master(within 4 semesters), PhD(within 8 semesters), Integrated Master-PhD(within 10 semesters)

POSCO Asia Fellowship

POSCO TJ Park Foundation operates 「POSCO Asia Fellowship」program to support young prospective intellectuals to grow as global leaders through master’s or Doctoral courses in Korea.


  • Asians that earned bachelor’s degree who have the potential to grow as a leader in their respective country
  • Students seeking enrollment in Korean graduate school in spring semester of 2022 or Fall semester of 2022
    ※Those who hold the citizenship of non-Asian countries or Korea are excluded
  • All majors


  • Master’s: Tuition and living expenses for 4 semesters
  • Doctoral & Integrated Ph.D: Tuition for 6 semesters and living expenses for 4 semesters (Living expenses: KRW 1,000,000/month)
  • Health insurance expenses, settlement expenses, Korean class and TOPIK grant, etc.
  • Internship opportunity, Korean cultural experiences, etc.

How to apply

Thorugh POSCO TJ Foundation Asia Feloowship Program Team during KU application period for spring and fall semeter
POSCO TJ Foundation Recommendation ► KU selection and notice to POSCO ► Final Selection

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Pony Chung Vietnam Scholarship

Pony Chung Foundation Signed agreements with Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam National University and Hanoi, each in 2006 and 2007, and started its Vietnam Scholarship program. In additon, Pony Chung Foundation started this intensive program by signing an agreement with the Korea University Graduate School to continuously support the Vietnamese scholarship recipients to carry on their studies. The program is open to previous Pony Chung Vietnam Scholarship recipients who have graduated from university with outstanding academic performances, and is preparing to study abroad for a master’s course. Up to 2017, Pony Chung Foundation invited 9 students and granted them more than 240 million KRW.

Selection Process and Grants

Through the foundation’s screening process, two students would be selected as final recipients among students who have been admitted to Korea University graduate school.

Master degree in all majors

Award Benefits

  • admission fee, full tuition fee, a monthly living expense of 900,000 KRW
  • maximum 500,000 KRW for thesis assessment and printing, round-trip flight ticket, etc.


  • March: Recommendation
  • May: Screening
  • June: Final Recipients Announced
  • December: Scholarship Awards Ceremony

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