SK Global Scholarship

1. Description of the Scholarship Program

  • SK’s Global Scholarship program is designed to provide Eastern European students with opportunities to learn cutting-edge advancements in technology and earn a higher degree at Korea University Graduate School
  • This scholarship program is for students who desire a master’s degree in the field of “Semiconductor” or “Information Technology/Artificial Intelligence” at KU in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
  • Scholarship benefits are as follows.
  • Scholarship Benefits Amount Time
    Round-trip Airfare 3,000,000 KRW (max.) At the time of initial entry / final departure (actual expense)
    Entrance Fee 1,142,000 KRW Beginning of 1st semester
    Tuition Fee 7,392,000 KRW * 4 semesters Beginning of each semester
    Living expenses 1,500,000 KRW /month Beginning of each month (for 2years)
    Medical insurance standard amount set by KU Beginning of each month (for 2years)
    Korean Language
    Training fee (optional)
    amount that exceeds 1 million KRW
    (set by KU)
    A month before 1st semester
  • Students who will be recommended for the scholarship must have the following eligibilities.
  • Nationality - All the students must hold citizenship from Eastern European country.
    - The student’s parents must hold citizenship from another country other than Korea.
    - If a student’s citizenship is changed into another country other than (Eastern) Europe during the selection process, he/she will be excluded from evaluation.
    Level of Education A bachelor’s degree holder who (are expected to) graduate from university
    Language Proficiency
    (English or Korean)
    All the students must submit one or more of the following documents.
    - TOEFL iBT score report of 71 of higher (Home Edition & Enhancement are acceptable)
    - Academic IELTS 5.5 or higher (IELTS Home Test is NOT acceptable)
    - CEFR level B2 or higher
    - New TEPS 326 or higher
    - A score report of TOPIK level 3 or higher
    * Applicants who have completed their degree program (BA) in English are not required to submit proof of language proficiency.

2. Program Quota

  • 20 scholars will be selected every year.
  • Fields Available Majors Quota
    Semiconductor Semiconductor and Nano Systems, Integrated Circuits 10
    IT / AI Artificial Intelligence Applications, Software, Computer Security, Computer Education, Radio Communications Engineering 10

3. Overall Procedure and Application Guide


The students shall be recommended by a faculty member of their university.

Admission Process

Recommended students are required to submit online admission application and required documents in MARCH.

Final Result Release

The announcement of finally selected SK scholars will be made in JUNE.

Application Guide for SK Global Scholarship Program
Templates (Form A-C)
Online Application System Manual