KU Introduces Mobile Application "Hoit"

2022.11.08 Views 152

Main GUI for the application Hoit. Photographed by Lee Sang-jun
As part of Korea University (KU)’s main initiative of becoming a green campus, KU is transitioning to a paperless campus through a mobile application called Hoit. The word Hoit is a combination of horang (meaning tiger in Korean) and information technology (IT), which indicates a new, online method of sharing information with KU students. The app, which has an iconic guided user interface (GUI), is free to download on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

More specifically, it includes eight important features that may interest any student: (1) a search interface, (2) information about the library and seat reservations, (3) the school calendar and registration for scholarships, (4) new businesses around the campus area, (5) seminars, academic groups, and other KU events, (6) KU shuttle bus, (7) a safety alarm notification system, and (8) a personalized push notification system. With various services embedded in Hoit, many students expect to receive official notifications from the university and be guided through campus services.

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