2024 Nature Master Class at KU Program(Online lecture) and Registration Guidelines

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Nature Master Class at KU Program(Online lecture) and Registration Guidelines 


Join a special lecture series on writing research papers, hosted by the expert trainer from the international academic journal, Nature.
Learn effective techniques and insights for writing research papers in English.


The program consists of a total of 8 sessions conducted online, in which you are able to choose and take lectures of topics of your interest.
Please note that the first session will be conducted in a hybrid format, both online and offline, and we encourage active participation.
(Refreshments will be provided for offline attendees)“


1. Date: May 16, 2024 (Thursday) 17:00~19:00

2. Topic: Effective Academic Writing

3. Method: Online Lecture (Live transmission of lecture video)

   - Offline Venue: Hana Square Auditorium B112

   - Online Access: Only applicants can receive access address by an e-mail

4. Registration: Register through the university's Google Form ( and then
register again through this link (

   ※ Please make sure to complete both steps. (This is to confirm the current status of offline attendees)

   ※ When applying, provide an accurate e-mail addresses and English name.
(To access the link and the workbook, we wiil send you it to your e-mail /
 Certificates will be issued with the English name on the registration form)

   ※ Please be aware any personal information you enter on the registration form, including your  name and e-mail address, may be shared with Korea University.
If you agree, please register to the webinar.


5. FYI

   - Registration is limited to 250 students per lecture.

   - A recording of the lecture will be provided only to the participants.

   - Schedule for Lecture






2024.07.09.(Tue) 11:00~13:00

Logical Manuscript Structure

(social sciences)



2024.07.09.(Tue) 14:00~16:00

Logical Manuscript Structure

(physical sciences & life sciences)



2024.07.10.(Wed) 17:00~19:00

Successful Submission Strategies

Online & Offline Hybrid


2024.09.24.(Tue) 17:00~19:00

Effective Academic Writing

Online & Offline Hybrid


2024.09.25.(Wed) 17:00~19:00

Logical Manuscript Structure


Online & Offline Hybrid


2024.09.30.(Mon) 17:00~19:00

Preparing Impactful Figures

Online & Offline Hybrid


2024.10.01.(Tue) 17:00~19:00

Designing an Impactful Study

Online & Offline Hybrid


 ※ Registration for session 2 to 8 will be announced at a later date 

   - Explanation on topics:


6. Inquiry: Innovation Team, Office of Graduate School, / 02-3290-5264