[Graduate School] Spring 2024 Grade Posting Schedule for students

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1. Grade Input and Revision
Due Dates for Grade Jun. 14 09:00 ~ Jul. 1 08:30 (KST) 
Grade Open to Students and Revision Jul. 1 10:00 ~ Jul. 8 17:00 (KST)
Grade Confirmation  Jul. 9 11:00 (KST) / Available to check after 12:00 
2. Notice
1) Students who complete online course evaluations for all courses they enrolled for the semester have access to their preliminary grades.
    (KUPID > Registration/Graduation > Grade Inquiries > Course evaluation)
    If there is any error regarding to those preliminary grades, you should contact a professor or instructor during the ‘Grade Revision Period’.
2) Grade Review URL:
3) Log into the Grade Review System
※ KU students - ID: Student Number, Password: KUPID password
※ Domestic exchange student
- ID: Temporary KU student number
- Password: 7 final digits of your Resident Registration Number
4) Grade "I" will be switched to "F" the day after Grade Confirmation. If you have inquiries regarding your grade(s), you should contact a professor or instructor during the ‘Grade Revision Period’.
5) Pursuant to Articles 5, 6 and 7 of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act, student requests done directly (or through a third party) face to face (or online) to faculty members and instructors to alter grades (either upward or downward) without an error in grading, constitute improper solicitation. Faculty members and instructors receiving the same improper solicitation for a second time are obligated to report to the college/school. You are kindly but firmly advised not to make requests to change grade(s). You may, however, request a faculty member or instructor to reconfirm your grade(s).
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