Apply for the 1st language exchange program for the 2023 spring semester.

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KUGS OIH is recruiting students to participate in the 1st language exchange program for the 2023 spring semester.

1. Program: the 1st Language exchange program for graduate students in the spring semester of 2023

2. Qualifications
  A. Graduate students belonging to the Seoul Campus (regardless of nationality)
  B. Students who can engage in language exchange activities responsibly
   * If you engage in behaviour that interferes with team activities, you will not be able to participate in the program afterwards.

3. Activity period and method
  A. Activity Period: April 3 (Mon) ~ May 26 (Fri) (8 weeks in total)
  B. Method of activity: Free language exchange with matched team members
  C. Activity Support: Various supports for textbooks and meetings are required for language exchange

4. How to apply
  A. Application Period: March 13th ~ March 20th
  B. How to Apply: Fill out and submit the application through the link below.
   * Application link:
  C. Procedure: Submission of Application > Team Matching > Team Announcement
    * Team matching is conducted according to the language and major applied for. 
       If there is no matching language, the process may not be conducted.  
  D. Team matching announcement: March 31 (Fri) in the afternoon
     - Orientation will be held on April 3 (Mon)

5. Benefits
  A. Issuance of a certificate of completion when completion conditions are met
   * Completion conditions: attendance at the final presentation + 1-minute speech + submission of activity plan and weekly report
  B. Scholarship according to the number of language exchange programs completed
   * condition: 3 or more consecutive completions from the 2nd language exchange program in the fall semester of 2022
   * Planned to receive 300,000 won for two or more activities as team leader and 200,000 won for team members
   * GKS/KGSP students can not receive the scholarship for this program.
   * Details will be provided during orientation

6. Contact: