[KUGS] Notice for 2023 Spring semester KU SOUL TOUR (RSVP: 2023.04.05 12:00 ~ )

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 We invite you to join us for the 2023 Spring Semester KU SOUL TOUR.

 * Date: 2023.04.28.(Fri) 09:00 - 18:00
 * Venue: 강화도(Ganghwado) 
 * Number of participants: 70 (First come, First served)
 * RSVP:
 * Qualifications: Korea University Graduate School Foreign Students who have an Alien Registration number.
 * How to apply: After transferring the deposit to the account indicated on the poster, please fill out the form and submit it!
                        (In case of non-payment or non-submission of the form, it will not be processed as an application.)
 * Contact: KUGS OIH ( / kakaotalk ID: KUGSOIH)